For what purposes is the device used?

For what purposes is the device used?

  • Development of radiation enhancing materials by adding high-conductivity materials to rubber and resins, etc.
  • Development of heat-exchange media for next-generation CFC-changing vehicles
  • Development of antifreeze for radiators
  • Thermal evaluation of coatings
  • Delicious bread by ascertaining how well baked
  • Calculation of thawing time for foods
  • Evaluation of heat-retention in materials for boxes, paper cups, etc.
  • Evaluation of cigarette wrapper thermal conductivity
  • Evaluation of hot-cold feeling for leather bicycle handle grips
  • Evaluation of gasket insulation
  • Development of such high-thermal conductivity materials as nitride aluminum
  • Evaluation of hot-cold feeling in hands and feet
  • Heat evaluation of nuclear fuel radioactive materials
  • Examination of soils in seismic prediction
  • Examination of distribution conditions for natural energy
  • Development of such packing materials as two-sided tape

“Thermal conductivity rate” is measured in many other circumstances. It is mainly used in the “Materials Development Division”. Currently, it is little-used in the pharmaceuticals and beverage industries.

Thermal conductivity rates of some representative materials

Water 0.594
Wood 0.087~0.15
Concrete 0.8~1.39
Polyethylene foam 0.034
Silicone rubber 0.24
Quartz glass 1.4
Zirconia 3
Stainless steel 14
Iron 67.4
Gold 295
Copper 400