What is a Density / Specific gravity meter?

What is a Density/Specific gravity meter?

KEM Density/Specific gravity meters are of a natural oscillation pitch-type, which is generally referred to as oscillation-type.

Literally, the measurement portion is oscillated and the period is read.

It is primarily used for measuring the density or specific gravity of liquids, and its capability of handling small amounts, in short time, and with high precision makes it very advantageous to use in comparison with other device types.

Measurement Principles of KEM Density/Specific Gravity Meters

Imagine the model at right, where a weight is attached to the end of a bar. If you flick the weight with your finger, the weight begins to oscillate.

You can see that it oscillates more slowly with more weight, and faster with less weight. This is because the weight will vibrate on the oscillation period specific to a substance in proportion to the mass of the weight.

This means that one can determine the density of a substance by measuring its oscillation period, since density becomes proportional to the mass when the volume is constant, i.e. a fixed tube.

Density/Specific Gravity Meter

Density/Specific Gravity Meter Series


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