Volumetric Method and Coulometric Method

Volumetric Method and Coulometric Method

There are two types of measurement methods, the volumetric titration method and the coulometric titration method.

Volumetric titration method:
Dissolve a sample in an alcohol-based solvent, and cause reaction with the Karl Fischer reagent (iodine, sulfur dioxide, base). The moisture content of the sample is determined from the volume of Karl Fischer reagent consumed.

Features : A wide range of measurement of moisture content is possible. (moisture content from double digit ppm to 100%).
Using dehydration solvent, a measurement of moisture content in various samples can be measured.

Coulometric titration method:
Dissolve a sample in a solvent (alcohol, sulfur dioxide, base, iodine ions), and cause reaction by changing iodine ions to iodine through electrolytic oxidization. The moisture content of the sample is determined from the quantity of the electricity (coulomb) required in electrolytic oxidization.

Features : The sensitivity level of moisture is extremely high, and trace amount of moisture from 1μg to 50mg can be measured. (moisture content from single digit ppm to 100%) By using together with an evaporator, the measurement of moisture content of various solid samples becomes posssilbe. (Especially for a substance with very low moisture content such as plastics, etc.)


What are the advantages of using a moisture titrator?

Improvement of reliability of measurement data.
Because it uses a high-precision electric burette, the reliability of data is raised.

No difference due to human error
With analysis by hand, it is a matter of course that different measurements occur with the same sample, but when the task is left to the device, the same value results, no matter who is doing the measuring.

Automation becomes possible
With the use of such options as a multiple sample changer, the device can measure several samples on its own, after the samples have simply been lined up.

Measurement can be performed without experience or specialized skills.
In analysis, there are cases in which one must have mastery of skills or years of experience. However, if one simply learns how to use the device, every person can analyze at the same level.