New release of All-in-One Analyzer – ASCA-6400


All-in-One Analyzer [ASCA-6400]

ASCA-6400 is a fully-automatic analytical instrument of All in One type, and measures Density / Specific Gravity and Refractive index – important indices for quality control of fragrance – continuously with easy operation.


1) ASCA-6400 measures Density / Specific Gravity and Refractive index at one time.

2) The sample changer has the new system – “Gondola-style cartridge transportation” instead of conventional turntable transportation system, and the three dimensions structure performs “ease of use,” “toughness,” and “compact.”

3) Sample can be changed and added even after measurement has started.

4) Even with 48 samples can be set at a time, it occupies less than the half space of conventional system.

5) The vials can be inclined in sampling by the new “V-tilt system,” which makes the minimum sample volume of 5.5mL possible.

6) By using the special control software – “Revela,” which installed to the LAN cable connected personal computer, no special knowledge or skill is required to conduct high-precision continuous measurement.


Quality control sections of fragrance, brewing and beverage makers testing many samples on a daily basis using two measurement units, Density / Specific Gravity and Refractive index.


Measuring Range Density : 0 – 3.0g / cm3 (no viscosity correction)
Refractive Index : nD 1.32 – 1.70
Accuracy*1 Density : ±0.00005g / cm3
Refractive Index : nD ±0.0001
Number of Samples Maximum 48 Samples available (20mL vial)
Minimum Amount of Sample Approx. 5.5mL
Dimensions/Weight 420 (W) x 545 (D) x 671 (H) mm / Approx. 65kg

*1 : By KEM’s standard measurement conditions.

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