New Product ALCOHOL METER 「ALM-155」Now on sale!



Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has valuable experience and long history in the manufacturing of oscillation density technology from 1978. The technology of ALM-155 origins from our Sake alcohol analyzer DA-155 which has been sold mainly to Japanese Sake breweries for many years. Most of the Sake breweries are small family businesses, however, their demand for reliable analytical instrumentation is very strong. Therefore, KEM has been providing them with easy to use, high performance analyzer at a reasonable price.

The ALM-155 is a dedicated, small size & high-performance bench top density meter with oscillating capillary tube for the analysis of oenology, sprits and beer. The analysis of Alcohol, density and specific gravity in alcohol products has never been so easy and accessible for any budget. The ALM-155 displays results with high-resolution of 0.01% for alcohol content and 0.00001 g/cm3 for density. Moreover, with the peltier thermostat system, the temperature is fixed at exactly 20°C.


One button measurement with small sample volume

The ALM-155 is equipped with peristaltic pump for automatic sampling. The required sample volume is only 8mL and can be used for repeatability testing with the automatic repeating function. The analysis of alcohol content (on the distilled wine sample) or density (on wine as it is) is performed in two to four minutes for one measurement by pressing just one button. When high viscous sample is measured, an optional syringe can be utilized to introduce the sample into the measurement cell what makes the ALM-155 suitable for the analysis of any alcohol products.

Simple calibration with pure water and easy maintenance

The calibration of ALM-155 does not require expensive standards, only pure water. After analysis, the unit can be cleaned by simply washing the cell with pure water or a kitchen detergent. The only replacement parts are the sampling tubes and those can be replaced by the user. The daily performance check can be easily performed by the operators and requires pure water only.

Automatic Saving results with digital data

The results are not necessary to be recorded by hand-writing. An optional printer can automatically print out the results once the measurement is completed. The ALM-155 can also store measurement up to 100. The data can be transferred to a connected USB memory stick or to an optional PC software through an RS-232C cable.


Wineries/ Oenological labs/ Must production/ Distilleries and spirits/ Beer production /Vinegar making