Software for Moisture Titrator [KF-Win]


KF-Win software enables your PC to control KEM's Karl Fischer Moisture Titrators,
MKV-710B, MKC-710B, MKC-520, MKA-520, MKS-520, MKC-510N, MKA-510N or MKS-510N.

When it is connected to MKV-710B or MKC-710B, the functions equivalent to MKV-710M or MKC-710M will be available.

  • Windows® 7 or Windows® 10 Easy operation with PC
  • Possible to output data such as result, method in PDF format
  • ONE KF-Win software can control multiple Karl Fischer Moisture Titrators simultaneously. *1
  • Possible to set a user ID and password to prevent a situation that some parameters were changed without noticing it.
  • SOP Macro can display arbitrary messages and/or numeric inputs (up to 20 steps) on the screen.
  • Fully GLP conformed
  • Operation lock function mounted.
  • Automatic folder creation function mounted.
  • Any computer connected through LAN to the main computer directly connected to the titrator can perform re-analysis or re-calculation.

*1 When using multiple titrators, one needs as many key code cards as units.

Operating system Windows® 7 Professional (SP1 or later)32 or 64bit
or Windows® 10 Pro 64bit
Memory More than 1GB RAM
Hard disk space 40GB or more free space
Required software

Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8.0 or later
Adobe® Reader® 9.0 or later

Display Resolution of 1024×768 or higher
Disk drive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Serial port RS-232C D-sub male 9pin or USB port :1 port *1
Expansion slot (in expansion) One empty PCI or LPCI slot or more

1) One needs as many serial ports as Karl Fischer Moisture Titrators.Also another serial port is needed if connecting a balance or a barcode reader.
2) Please note that one serial port may be already used if the PC includes a modem.